Evrodom for half a billion

We have learned not to be surprised to various non-standard methods of using banknotes - have made works of art, used as packaging for expensive gifts and even burned to keep warm. But such a method of using paper money we have not yet met.
The hero of our today's news was the Frank Buckley - an unemployed artist from Ireland. He became known for its unique home, which is entirely made of euro banknotes aggregate nominal value of € 1, 4 billion. Do not rush to twist a finger to his temple, because the bill that went into the construction of this house are recycled and are not worth the paper for recycling. They are completely free of charge allocated Frank Central Bank of Ireland.
"Money" house painter has a bedroom, living room and toilet. It is built of small bricks Pressed paper sizes 15H5 see. To create each brick needed banknotes worth € 40 000. The house is located in the lobby of one of the empty business centers in the capital, Dublin. This project is called the artist a kind of protest human greed and madness that engulfed the country in the early 2000s, after the introduction of the single European currency. Then Ireland faced a wave of cheap and affordable loans for real estate, which was fatal - the country fell into a deep financial crisis, and many properties have remained unfinished and abandoned. (Something it reminds me so!)
Frank Buckley says that the paper is an excellent insulating Materially, and even in winter it is very comfortable to sleep without a blanket. In the near future, the artist plans to expand its real estate, attach to it from the same kitchen stroymaterialla. We have no doubt that this construction udorozhit house for another half a billion euros recycled, but we want to consult the original builder carefully closing the door to the business center, because suddenly raging thunderstorm can turn it into a cozy home in a big pile of wet paper.


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