Olympia was destroyed by the tsunami?

Olympia, the site of construction of the famous temple of Zeus and venue of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, presumably destroyed by repeated tsunamis that moved a considerable distance inland, and not from a flood or earthquake, as expected, to date. Recently there was a theory that, Olympia and its environs were destroyed by the tsunami. Olympia excavations were resumed about 250 years ago, the remains of Olympia, buried under a massive layer of sand and other otlozheniyna dove to 8 meters. To date, it has been suggested that the area was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 551 BC, and then covered with a flood of the river Kladeos. In this case, the question arises as a small river could poglatit Olympia. German Institute of Archaeology studied location using geomorphological methods.
The results indicate that Olympia has repeatedly suffered from catastrophic floods. The presence of shellfish gastropod shells, huge amount of microorganisms is a clear indication marine silt.
Analysis of the various layers of sediments in the Olympia area suggests that this scenario occurs several times in the last 7,000 years. During one of the last in the sixth century BC, Olympia was finally destroyed and buried.
The hypothesis of the destruction of Olympia earthquake likely be canceled for the reason that most likely would have destroyed the temple of Zeus. But the study nemenshe this hour conductive and accurately answer this question researchers Kogut.
Recent mega-tsunami in the Mediterranean occurred in 1908 related to the earthquake in the Strait of Messina in southern Italy, were destroyed adjacent coastal areas, more than 100,000 people were killed. 30 meter high tsunami wave was recorded in the southern Aegean Sea in 1956.
Prof. Dr. Andreas Watt in September 2011, will represent the destruction of Olympia tsunami hypothesis at an international conference in Greece.


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