Martial Lama

Respect to the animal world sometimes has side effects. The increase in rodent populations creates tangible problems growers. From predators begin to suffer the livestock industry. For example, in one of the southern provinces of Sweden, Skåne namely, the number of wolves. Understandably, in search of something to devour gray began to seek additional sources of supply. A walk very far, it is not necessary - it's one of the sheep areas. Came out of the woods - and choose a lamb.
And if small farms adapt himself to solve the problem - enclosed corral wire in several rows - and the end of it, then close that option is no longer fit. And continued to graze sheep in the open field, periodically suffering damage from raids from the forest.
Authorities sat down, felt scratched turnip, and decided that we needed to do something. Because for every lamb need to pay compensation in the amount of approximately three hundred and sixty euros (three thousand kroons). And the appetite of even quite gray nothing. And you can not shoot them.
And here we can once again state - do not judge by appearance. For the Swedish authorities have taken a decision to purchase to protect sheep herds of llamas. That's who, looking at these innocent little faces will be able to assume that this antiwolf special forces? It turns out that in the US they are used quite successfully to deal with coyotes. This beast grows to six feet, weight gains up to two hundred pounds. And most importantly - these handsome, it turns out, is well developed combat instnkt.


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