The former king

How much can last fifteen and a half million dollars? If it is, in principle, not used to such a sum? Someone like ...
When in 2002 nineteen scavenger Michael Carroll hit the jackpot in the UK National Lottery and won nine million seven hundred thousand pounds, he felt himself the master of life. King.
On the eve of receiving a prize, Michael almost thundered in jail for a fight. It has done with probation.
Understandably, such a weighty payoff amount radically changed the way of life of Carroll.
Mansions in England villas in Spain, Mercy, BMW. A variety of stimulants, girl charms nightlife.
For seven years, Michael poured everything. Without residue. Details to consider any expenditure side as such, nor any attempts of doing business does not make sense. The man simply was not ready to blame him money.
By the end of 2009, he was living on welfare and forty-two pounds per week (approximately sixty-three dollars) and claimed that it is much simpler and easier than to have millions.
Maybe, yes. There's such an exponential statistics. Among those who are here as well break the bank, but not ready for what happened internally. Someone very quickly all merges. Who plus everything else sits firmly on drugs. Who immured in the basement of his own home.
Turbid matter - the big easy money.


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