Scientists have made the top 10 horror movies for weight loss

Horror, according to scientists from the University of Westminster, contribute to the loss of calories and weight loss, reports The Daily Telegraph.
That is the conclusion the researchers came as a result of an experiment involving ten volunteers, viewers 10 "horror". The researchers then ranked by the number of calories that people have lost as you view them.

Still from the film "The Shining» («The Shining»)

The study's authors believe that the horror cause a loss of calories, as when a person is under stress or fear, it quickens the pulse and there is a rush of adrenalin in the blood, the speed of which also increases. This leads to the fact that man has decreased appetite, metabolism is accelerated, and as a result will burn calories.

Rate of these films is as follows:
"The Shining" - 184 calories;
"Jaws" - 161 calories;
"The Exorcist" - 158 calories;
"Alien" - 152 calories;
"Saw" - 133 calories;
"A Nightmare on Elm Street" - 118 calories;
"Paranormal Activity" - 111 calories;
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" - 107 calories;
"The Blair Witch Project" - 105 calories;
"Reporting" - 101 calories.


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