The application for the entry of Russia into the European Organization for Nuclear Research

Head of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov in his microblog on Twitter said that Russia intends to join the European Center for Nuclear Research as an associate member and has already filed the appropriate application.
According to RIA "Novosti", in that case, if the application is granted, the Russian Federation from the observer status enters an associate member, and this, in turn, will provide access to a wider scope of scientific data.

In particular, Russian researchers will be able to work directly with the experimental data, as well as gain access to the program and individual student grants. In addition, the enterprises of the country will be able to become suppliers of the center through the "system of orders and contracts».

Note also that this change of status will entail an increase in the cost of cooperation. It is expected that the costs associated membership for Russia will amount to about $ 8, 15 million per year (current expenditure on cooperation - $ 4 million).

Recall that now in programs CERN, the largest physics laboratory in the world, involving over 850 Russian scientists. In the center there are boosters, and the most famous of these is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).


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