In the movie «Big Lebowski» Jeff Bridges character named Dude drinks cocktail White Russians (White Russian?)
Until the 18th century in many Asian countries as money used compressed tea bricks.
Grandfather Hugh Lewis has performed the soundtrack for the film "Back to the Future" invented red wax-like material for the packaging of cheese, it is used in some varieties still.
The most common kitchen herb - parsley.
There are more than 20,000 varieties of beer.
Italian Cardinal Mazarin Julius in the 17th century is constantly accompanied by personal chocolate manufacturer.
The most expensive spice - Spanish saffron. Half a kilo of it can cost more than $ 1,000.
In the 17th century in glass thermometers are often used instead of mercury brandy.
If you throw into the water fresh egg, it will sink, and stale - pops up. This is due to the generation of gas inside the egg during storage.


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