Paleoskatolog - is an archaeologist specializing in ancient animal wastes. There are only a few representatives of this difficult profession.
Every minute in the world takes place two small earthquakes.
The first US patent was issued for the description of the process of producing potash (potassium carbonate).
Liquid oxygen at a temperature below 190 degrees below zero like water with a strong bluish tinge.
French physiologist Jean-Antoine Nollet in the 18th century showed unusual for that time experiments. In one of them he made with the help of electricity to jump two hundred monks.
During a total solar eclipse, the temperature in the "shadow" may fall to 6 degrees Celsius.
Hydrofluoric acid dissolves the glass, so it can only be stored in plastic containers.
Armstrong limit - this is the height above sea level, where the pressure falls to such an extent that the blood in the human body begins to boil (19,200 feet above sea level).
The average hurricane lasts for nine days.
Synthetic fiber Kevlar is five times stronger than steel.
Scientists have discovered a bacterium, whose age is 250 million years.
Forest fire spreads faster uphill than downhill.
Glow sticks, which are often used during public festivals, contain a substance luciferin.
In 2005, scientists discovered the fossilized dinosaur blood vessels.
In the year we blink about 4,000,000 times.
The bacterium that causes botulism, is so toxic that a kilogram of them can kill all the people on the planet.


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