Passports with moose

In this era of total counterfeiting of everything rather interesting method of protecting passports Sway country offered Finland. It really is a landmark of know-how. Somehow I remembered the immortal phrase from "The Twelve Chairs," "the modern development of printing in the West to print a Soviet passport - it is such a trifle ...»
Print a Finnish passport, despite the more increased level of printing is now not such a trifle. Moreover, the Finnish authorities believe that the innovation developed would be able to protect their citizens from counterfeit passports.
Because the pages of the passport applied gologragraficheskoe image moose. And while turning the pages created by the effect of motion - an animal runs. Developers argue vehemently that forge this creation is quite impossible. Well, it is always with them. Prior to the first case, after which they shrug and sigh sadly "We did what we could»
But innovation itself is really very interesting and symbolic. I've been wondering that if suddenly Russia and Ukraine also want to protect their citizens, then what animals they will be applied in the form of a hologram. Well, with our neighbors seemed to be more or less clear - there is a symbol of the country, and the ruling party merged touching. But for Ukraine at this historical period that will suit more - slurp or blind mole rat in a quilted jacket, do you think?


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