In Russia, was born African animal (3 photos)

Whimsical animal was born in Yekaterinburg zoo. This event took place for the first time in Russia.

In Russia, the first African aardvark born - a bizarre animal with the body of an anteater, rabbit ears, snout and pig-tailed kangaroo. Even before the new year zoo staff noticed that the female by the name of Baga behaves like something is wrong, the website of the RDA. She had an ultrasound and the pregnancy was confirmed. In captivity, aardvarks breed is not very happy, so the birth of a baby in Yekaterinburg zoo - the whole event. At birth weight baby in February was about two pounds, and the growth of 60 centimeters. Aardvark now weighs 8 pounds and continues to grow rapidly. Mum feeds the daughter herself, cub feels good.



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