Get rid of scratches on the disc with his own hands (9 photos)

If your drive your car there, and chips and scratches are you so difficult, you can restore it on their own! And a budget!

What we need:
1) chipped discs
2) two-component epoxy paste, its color is not so important.
But remember, if you paste red / green / gray, through the paint likely enlighten, need a primer (the same primer).
I have a white epoxy done without soil.
3) skin with an index of grain 300-400. And it does not interfere with an index of 600 more, smaller.
4) masking tape, provided that this does not remove the rubber from the disc.
5) proper spray-paint and varnish. Spray Einszett Silber, color is very close to the factory.
You can also use silver spray Wurth. In this case, I paint from Wurth. But if there is any difficulty in the selection of color, then it is better to appeal to colorists - they pick up.

Sandpaper (300-400) we clean scratches, remove the bumps.

Paste ribbon rubber


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