How to remove scratches from glass — it's easy!

Probably many of us are faced with a situation where on the surface of the glass has been scratched. Whether it's car glass, mobile phone display, mirror or just glasses. How to remove scratches from glass? Not to replace all the glass because of one or more scratches.

There are several methods. The easiest and most common is a method of sanding the surface.

Based on where the scratch is located, selects the method of its removal. Window glass, automotive windshield, and even the aquarium is not recommended to sand it because at the end of the procedure, the surface will become heterogeneity. Even if at first it is imperceptible, in the future, the distortion of the place of the former scratches will become more apparent. The thinner the glass, more noticeable bump.

Is it possible to remove scratches from the glass in a different way?

The most optimal is the use of polishing. This careful method is effective to remove superficial damage. The advantage of it also in the fact that after polishing the glass surface becomes more transparent.

In addition to polishing in the process you can use special toothpaste to eliminate scratches. The packaging usually indicates the abrasiveness of the substance of pasta is the size of the microparticles, affecting damage. The lower the abrasive, the finer the scratches are removed. Thus, this value recommends the scope of paste. Consider the example of the use of this method.


How to remove scratches from glasses?

For this procedure, you must:

  • a small piece of cotton fabric;
  • paste for removing scratches (GOI paste);
  • engine oil;
  • Polish.
The sequence of operations:

  • positioning the damaged glass on a horizontal surface;
  • apply a little engine oil on the injury;
  • apply on a piece of cloth paste/Polish;
  • to attach the fabric to the damage and handle the damaged place.

If necessary, have to add oil and pasta, and repeat the last paragraph. Therefore, depending on the size of the damage, the process may take a few hours. The work is laborious and slow, so have patience.

For grinding glass by hand it is advisable to take sandpaper or pasta and low abrasiveness, i.e. large grains, as the deep damage more efficiently removes larger particles. Further, it is desirable to treat the surface with finer sandpaper or pasta and end – polished.

If there is a grinding machine, the procedure will be finished much faster. But be aware that to perform scratch removal is desirable at low speed of the machine or the grinding wheel.

Paste for removal of scratches is possible to replace the cheap toothpaste, or even tooth powder. But the result will probably be worse than when using the original paste.

Grinding is only applicable for products with thick glass with several large scratches or large number of small.



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In order to avoid errors during grinding, it is desirable to test the method on a small area of the glass surface. Using a professional set of tools to remove scratches, as you would like. But these special sets it is impractical to buy for use at home. published


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