14 ways to save from scratching any surface

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One careless movement — and favorite things appeared a scratch. Do not despair or throw away the dear object. Not too deep scratches, you can remove on their own.

We Site gathered a few tips that will help in the home to save the different surfaces, so they again shone like new.

The glass surface

To remove or disguise minor scratches on glass surfaces use one of the following methods.

  • Apply a little toothpaste (without granules and whitening effect) on a cotton pad or cotton cloth. Gently RUB it on the glass in a circular motion for 10 seconds. Traces of the paste will remove the water.
  • If applied to a microfiber cloth or cotton thin a layer of vegetable oil and gently RUB it a few seconds for you to get rid of shallow scratches. To achieve the same effect you can use a small amount of vaseline.
  • Make a polishing paste by mixing ordinary baking soda with a small amount of water. Apply to glass and wipe off using cotton or wool fabric. Gently remove any excess paste with a damp cloth.
  • To cope with scratches on the glass surfaces will help polishes for car Windows. Follow the instructions, making sure that the composition of the reactants suitable for surfaces to which you apply them.
Leather goods
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Scratches on leather goods not a rarity. If the damage is not too serious give thing in order on their own.

  • Apply to the scratch with a cotton swab vegetable or baby oil. RUB it in a circular motion and allow to dry. Residues wipe with a clean cloth. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  • To disguise the damage to a leather surface by using nail varnish. On the damaged area, apply with a toothpick the Polish of an appropriate color.
  • To remove scratches will help special wax for skin. In its absence, you can use regular beeswax, such as candles. Heat the wax and apply to the scratch. Wipe with a flannel cloth. Fill the treatment site on color marker products, marker, or Shoe Polish of the right shade.
Wooden surface

To mask or to remove the defects wooden surface following tips will help.

  • If there are scratches on dark wood, rescue iodine. Dilute it with water, apply it on a cotton swab and paint defects. If necessary, cover with paint.
  • Take the half kernel walnut and RUB them the damaged area. When the scratch will darken, wipe clean and cover with a colourless varnish.
  • If the wood is cracked, try to use for restoration mayonnaise. Apply it with cotton on the injured area and leave on for 2-3 days, removing the excess. Wood swells a little and the crack will be delayed.
The surface of plastic

To remove scratches from plastic surface also help few tricks.

  • Defects on smooth plastic surfaces will help to remove conventional or heat gun. Turn it on minimal power and direct the hot air along the scratch. As necessary, increase the temperature to the dash began to flatten. Wait 10-15 minutes and buff the surface to completely hide the problem areas.
  • To remove scratches from plastic will help polishes and pencils designed for cars. Remove any dirt from scratches, apply the product. Zapolarie soft, lint-free cloth.
Metal surface

Metal surface are diverse and require different approaches to restoration. To get rid of scratches on jewel safer in the jewelry and watchmaking. Defects on the surfaces of the stainless steel try to fix it myself.

  • Scratches on brushed stainless steel can be removed using block for polishing nails.
  • As the abrasive media can be used whitening toothpaste. Apply it on the damaged area and RUB with a brush with soft bristles or a soft cloth along the metal texture. Wipe off any excess paste with a clean wet cloth.
Experimenting with any of the above proposed methods, remember that none of them will help to cope with deep scratches. In such cases it is better to turn to professionals or to replace the damaged product.

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