Inscriptions on vehicles

On the Volga:
 - I brake sharply ... Especially today!

The truck with the container, behind the inscription:
 - It employs 220 horses and one donkey.

 - Slow and steady wins wider muzzle!

On the rear window's new Beamer big red letters:

I saw a huge wagon, and on the back of her hand, crooked letters in white paint:
"Do not push, do not in bed!»

Black Six: Sticker JRS "Classics in Black».

The inscription on the fire ladder:
 - Look at yourself !!!

 - The crew of a flight attendant is urgently needed.

On the rear window with two characters shaped as letters "Y", and between them the inscription "Quiet!»

Standard sticker vacuum trucks - Knorr - tasty and Skorri!

KRAZovsky tractor. Behind a thick welded channel, on which the inscription:
 - Do not press - we do not know!

On Zaporozhets:
 - VMW 850.

On Zaporozhets:
 - I'll tell you, as a foreign car foreign car ...
 - Not sure - do not steal!

On the rear window dirty "humpback»:
 - Filthy do not touch!

Dirty Niva with holes from rust on board is written in large letters:
 - Combat vehicles Tale

M2141 - in place of regular inscription "Aleko»:
 - Cripple

VAZ-2101 - along the dirty side:
 - Bastards be difficult!

Zaporozhets, in the triangle:
 - For the old Russian.

The rear doors of the heel:
 - I see nothing, I go instrument!

Old Ikarus. Behind the label:
 - Do not overtake - sorry.

The inscription on the refrigerator:
 - AIDS does not sleep, endure to the house!

The finger on the back (gryaznuschey) door minibus:
 - I PAID FOR ROADS - where are they?

UAZ with the soldier at the wheel:
 - Military machine - the speed o.uennaya!

 - Do not fly, the highway is not space!

Nine, on the back of the shelf is the standard tablet - does not get - would kill!

2106 inscription on the finger in the mud:
 - Pushes 1.2m

OKA - sticker on the tailgate of the standard sample:
 - Emergency exit.

Brand: back in the red circle - 300.

On a dirty car:
 - In Yugoslavia!

On murdered, lawns dirty finger in the mud:
 - Proposal for an apartment in America with a surcharge.

The inscription on a very dirty car:
 - Do not vymoesh, go to another!

On a very dirty car:
 - Soon the rain!

On the back of the Oka:
 - JEER Uzki

On the rear window are three warning signs:
"Training", "blind" and "deaf».

On a gazelle with a metal body large starboard
 - RDX. Delivery and installation!

Red Eye With a sticker on the rear window:
 - Thank you for not laughing at my car!

Humpback constipation, on the rear window:
 - My other car - a Porsche.

Ural-kung, 6x6, dirty, military-style, bears the inscription painted on the tank "Gasoline fused" and near the battery "Battery removed».


Black sports Volkswagen. On the rear window:
 - No. risk - No. Fun!

Lada woman behind the wheel, the rear window a triangle with the words:
 - Witch driving!

On a dirty van finger:
 - Knock on the wheels, and all the dirt will fall off ...

 - Beware, the driver spits!

Newbie orange fire ladder:
 - Himself a!

On the rear window:
Ed not for me, I've lost!

The inscription on the bus:
"Attraction - 10 minutes of fear, and you are at home».

Saw a red Mitsubishi 3000GTa behind the inscription: "Oka»

In the old, old Passat's 70th of ...
"We do not go to anyone brakes!»

LABEL rear window MERCEDES 600: 0
"THIS JOB worth it ...»

On the Ring Road saw Moskvich-2141, in a word ... Moskvich letters reversed, and the letter "B" is not present ...
Received the "cosmic»

I walk around the yard. The machine - dirty. On a standard dirt inscription: "Wash me!". Well, nothing interesting.
The next day or the day after: the same machine.
At the site of the inscription - is white cloth and wiped one clean spot.
The inscription next to "No, wash me all !!!».

The inscription in the minibus:
"Keep your voice down - going longer!»

 - I understand, I will be easier ...

 - It is not dirt - this is Kohler!

Taxi - on the rear window a large red sticker:
 - Girls, jump ME!

Dirty VMW with the inscription:
 - SAI - do not look, rest ...

Old Nissan: the inscription on the board:
 - Wash me though somebody, and it'll die and unwashed ...

After 2121 in the field:
 - Just in the ass.

On the old penny inscription in all the rear window:
 - Veneton Lada

On board gryaznyuschey Six:
 - It is not scratched!

Volga 3129:
 - Handle with care!

The inscription on the Zaporozhets:
 - Be careful! Gift Tiffany!

 - Not sure - overtaking and make sure!

 - More speed - less pits more e% if locksmiths!

VAZ-2106 - sticker on the rear window:
 - Beware of traffic police!

On Zaporozhets paint inscription: "NAMMER»

On board the truck:

In the long-range machine:
 - Have fun at her friend!


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