Dancing House apartments

House apartments dancing (Dancing apartment) in the near future will be built in South Korea. The authorship of the project in the spirit of modernism, which is alien to the foundations of classical architecture, belongs Joona Guillot Young (Yoon Gyoo Jang). According to him, the idea of ​​designing a house visited him while watching the movie "Transformers" directed by Michael Bay. The image of the house came from the architect as a reflection of the three-dimensional robotic machines, but in the real world.

But the house is interesting not only for its design, although, of course, is unusual and new. Joona Guillot Young took care about the comfort of future tenants: The project involves a lot of open terraces, which, like a carpet, spreading grass and trees.

To make this possible was an oasis in the city, an architect turned the house into a kind of vertical "alpine", pushing «S-shaped" line the wall of the future skyscraper. Joona Guillot Young his project immediately and tried to establish neighborly relations. The fact that the architectural feature of the building allows tenants to settle according to their hobbies. The architect believes that such a division "of interest" to avoid unnecessary conflicts and help to establish good neighborly relations.

It is assumed that the "Dancing House" primarily attract creative people, so were designed music studios, assembly halls for exhibitions of paintings, installations, sculptures and photographs, as well as a stage for theatrical performances and performances of talented inhabitants of the building, because it is the people create ultimately, the indescribable atmosphere in which the house zatantsuet!


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