A resident of Lviv Vyacheslav Varanovich from school was fond of motorcycles. Dreamed that someday afford to buy a bike. Meanwhile, one of his hobbies was carving. Vyacheslav once saw on the internet pictures of miniature motorcycles, made of metal. So the idea to combine his two passions - he began to carve wooden miniature bikes. Initially, the work progressed very slowly, had to think about each step, every element. It was important to choose the right types of wood, each of them has different properties: hardness, texture, shrinkage factor and so on. For example, for the manufacture of the wheels it uses oak due to its dark color. For other parts suitable pine: it is easy to handle manually. The most difficult to cut small parts - they often break when almost ready (mirrors, foot gear, brake discs, pens and so on). Had several times to alter elements. The paper uses a conventional Vyacheslav stationery knife. Smallest tool - drill diameter half a millimeter. Now has a collection of five motorcycles, two sportbike Honda CBR 1000RR and Suzuki GSX-R600 and three chopper.


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