Exquisite interior design in the 12th century building churn

Located in Ekstramadure, a western autonomous regions of Spain, it is an amazing building was originally built ieronimitskimi monks in Article 12. and later it turned into a churn. Now it is a house with an original interior design
Because of its historical significance original architecture of the building remained intact. But to somehow rehabilitate the space and create comfortable living conditions there, the owners appealed to the architect Ricardo Elizondo, who revived this building. The house is characterized by dramatic austere lines and the presence of natural materials, which are used very pronounced. Colors in the interior add to this mysterious place of hospitality, and iron and steel products on the background of brick walls create an element of intrigue. Vintage furniture aesthetically combined with modern wooden elements and paintings enliven the overall atmosphere.

That would have saved us more in the form of an authentic old buildings! Moreover, you can create such beauty that surpass many of the new and modern interiors of apartments and houses.


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