Bahai Gardens. Walk through Haifa (48 photos)

One blogger described his journey to the Bahai Gardens. Very interesting and informative.


Coming from an average of gardens, where the tomb, we, to his delight, saw the bus, plying on the route from the middle to the upper level. It was very convenient and cheap, and off we went. Oh, I almost forgot - for those who go to the Bahai Gardens without a tour, we must remember that the tomb open to the public only until 12.00, and with it closed and the best piece of mid-level, so that is accessible only not big and not the best segment - keep this in mind and do not be late. And remember - to enter directly into the tomb - a modest view - closed shoulders, mini skirt is not. No special severities - your knees, elbows and hats do not matter - but I repeat - closed shoulders and mini (pro men's shorts do not know). I had shoulder wrap jacket daughter. Well, he said - and now gone further. Coming up, we first went to look around the neighborhood (and eat at the same time). Right above the entrance to the gardens have a mound, famous for two things. First - it is here that began its journey to the Holy Land with his wife, the Kaiser of Germany - Wilhelm II. This marked a commemorative stele.

In addition, September 23, 1918, during the First World War, British General Allenby, who was named in honor of the many places and streets in Israel captured the Turkish battery is here - the last stronghold of the Ottoman Empire on this earth, thereby ending the 403-year-old the period of Turkish rule. Of course, this gun, cast in the mid-19th century, it is unlikely then shot here - but it looks nice.

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