Boy with cat's eyes can see in the dark

First photos of Nong appeared in 2009, but then very few have attracted public attention. The latest discovery associated shocked the entire Internet. Child completed the questionnaire, which he gave reporters, in total darkness. If the boy does have a genetic mutation that gives him the ability of night vision, it would be an interesting subject for analysis optometrists, evolutionary biologists and genetic engineers.

Experts say the Nong eye color - bright blue, in contrast to their relatives, who he is black, quite unusual, but do not consider this fact the next step of evolution.

Night vision in animals, particularly in cats, possibly due to a special layer on the retina, the reinforcing sensitivity to light. This layer also has the effect of "burning eyes" a cat that looks at flash. Scientists believe that in the same way you can test the response of the boy's eyes.

In fact, such a test was carried out on the video.
Teacher Nong flash light into the eyes of a child, but reporters were not able to catch the effect of the camera. When the boy's eyes to glow in the dark, they appear normal.
James Reynolds, ophthalmologist-pediator University at Buffalo, said that "the video could easily capture the illumination as in scientific films about leopards night».

Reynolds believes that such mutations can not happen in one step. For such a change must go through several stages: "Evolutionary changes occur over the centuries different people at once would be born with wings, which is impossible».
On the other hand, journalists were amazed at his ability to see well in the dark, in the video were sealed as a child in a dark room filled questionnaire. If Nong and it has feline vision, his ability to confound the majority of scientists.

"It's hard to tell the truth about this boy," - says Dennis Brooks, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. "But I think it is a good exam Ophthalmologist".


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