Found an autograph Shakespeare

The latest technologies have made it possible to recover almost lost inscription on an antique edition. Before the end not clear who wrote on the front page «Wm Shakespeare», whether it was a great playwright, and it is a good falsification.

The inscription was found on the front page of a legal treatise «Archaionomia», sbonike Saxon laws published during the reign of Elizabeth I.

The researchers used a technique multisprektralnogo image analysis, in which the picture is made of very high resolution using 12 different wavelengths of light, from ultraviolet to infrared, which is beyond the perception of human vision. Then, with the help of special software images are combined into one, with as clear text display. With these manipulations may read the inscriptions erased, carefully crossed out, scorched, and even water damage. For example, in the vulgar year, with the help of this technology we were able to recover five previously unknown poems by William Faulkner, from the collection of heavily damaged by fire.

The researchers report that at the moment there is already a clear and sufficiently accurate image of the painting of Shakespeare, which can be compared with the previously found and false versions of the originals to determine authenticity.

If the detected signature really belongs to Shakespeare, it may create a new point of view from which he came to write the laws in his plays, as well as to characterize it not only as a great poet and playwright, but also as a historical figure. After all, one of the main issues of concern to the minds of researchers and life of Shakespeare, the playwright himself had read what and what categories he thought when writing their works.


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