The most expensive autographs

Over time, what once were in a hurry written on paper, it may be valuable.
Forbes has made the list of the most expensive and rare autographs since the invention of ink.

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe

Cost: $ 191,200

Marriage Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio lasted less than a year and has been canceled, including, because of violent jealousy of her husband. Loud divorce put on the ears of all America: unconditional minions of fortune, the iconic baseball player and the most desirable woman mid XX century, many seemed the perfect couple. Their attempt to renew relations in the early 1960s was greeted with jubilation. The symbol of the reunification of the alleged actress and athlete became baseball, where they left their signatures. A valuable artifact was sold in 2006 at an auction Heritage Auction Galleries. There is another double ball autographed by the former spouses, but it appears the real name of Marilyn Monroe - Norma Jean, so its price was only about $ 50 000.

William Shakespeare

Price: from £ 3 million (from $ 4 65 million)

For many a century, historians, literary critics and ordinary readers struggling with the so-called "Shakespeare authorship question": because the very vague biography of the playwright, his identity remains a mystery. If you believe the inventors of bold theories, under the pseudonym "Shakespeare" could hide the poet Christopher Marlowe, Count Edward de Vere, the philosopher Francis Bacon and even the Scottish Queen Mary Stuart. In this light, the authenticity of Shakespeare autographs should doubt. Nevertheless, each of the six currently known fanciful signatures put Shakespeare on official documents such as mortgage on real estate, valued at a fabulous price. Since Shakespeare autographs are of great scientific interest, waiting for their appearance at the auction is unlikely to.

John Lennon

Cost: $ 525,000

The album Double Fantasy, written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1980, waiting for a commercial success - primarily because soon after the release of the musician was shot dead by Mark Chapman. As one of the evidence that established the guilt of Chapman, the investigation used a copy of Double Fantasy, which Lennon signed at the request of the killer. The disc was found in flower pots near the house where the former Beatle lived with his wife. However, this evidence was withdrawn and subsequently repeatedly outbid wealthy Lennon fans. Now the album autographed auction is available Moments In Time. His staff reported that the new price for the auction of at least one and a half times higher than the previous record set in 2003.

Albert Einstein

Cost: $ 74,324

One of the most famous photographic portraits in the history of mankind was made associate news agency United Press International Arthur Sasse in 1951 at Princeton University where Albert Einstein was celebrating his 72th birthday. Sass suggested scientist smile at the camera, and that his tongue. After the picture was printed, the Nobel laureate, presented it to his friend, Howard Smith, after making her inscription: "You will like this gesture, because it is addressed to all mankind. A citizen can afford something that never would dare policies. Your faithful and grateful listener, A. Einstein. " Smith was a successful television and radio journalist, and his transfer liked scientist.

Jimi Hendrix


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