Turkey is hidden from the usual tourist?

Worldwide, Russian tourists are not particularly fond of, it is a fact. Yes, and we are in the depths of his soul the mysterious sure: Rousseau tourists - a redneck, save up for Antalya and considers himself the king. Alas, drunkenness, arrogance, bloated egos and love for freebies often allocate our tourist. We know that you can relax in a civilized and cultural, but secretly want to massacre. Magnificent Turkey with its rich history of Russian tourist sees only as a cheaper Gelendzhik. Absolutely nothing. That's at least Istanbul - the only city in the world, located in two parts of the world. Turkish coffee is, of course, was born, but in the former Constantinople are more like tea, brewed in a special way. And happy to treat guests - just 80 cents. Istanbul architecture preserved from the times of the great Byzantine and Ottoman empires, and take a view of it as you can with water - a little vessel deck running along the Bosphorus waves, and a bird's-eye view - from the observation deck of the ancient Galata Tower and quite modern cable car. Tired - go to the hammam, you want exotic - to the market. In the evening, do not have to drink with the neighbors on the floor - as an alternative to Istanbul offers luxury song and dance virgins with their bellies in a nightclub Oriental House. In general, there is a cultural program - it is necessary to reclaim. For more on this - in a fresh clip of "Aeroflot".


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