In China, the ancestors of birds found Tyrannosaurus

Feathered dinosaur lived about carnivorous 125 million years ago and weighed Historians estimate that about 1,400 kg.
The new species, defined as Yutyrannus, has been identified in three parts of fossils found in northeastern China.

This finding, according to scientists, disputes the theory of evolution Tyrannosaurus. This group of dinosaurs called Tyrannosauroids.

Tyrannosaurs and their giant relatives lived about 65 million years ago, before the huge asteroid did not destroy them, but most of their ancestors were much smaller.

Employees of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing are now described three types of Yutyrannus, which represent an early form of Tyrannosauroid.

Naudenye fossils are an adult weighing about one and a half tons, and two children of this creature, each weighing about half a ton.

The dinosaur, whose name translates as "beautiful feathered tyrant" has a lot in common with tyrannosaurs, but on the feet has three functional fingers, while there were two Tyrannosaurus rex. The general form of the legs is typical for the more ancient ancestors of T-Rex.

But the most notable discovery was the discovery of feathers in this species of reptiles that conclusively proves the existence of feathered carnivorous dinosaurs.

Scientists believe that long thin feathers served as protection from the cold, but they may have been involved in mating rituals.


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