Heartbeat determines the nature

The study found "signature" heart - wave patterns of electrical activity of the heart that have been associated with personality traits.
The definition of "signature" of the human heart can reveal neuroticism - that there are people who tend to experience more negative emotions such as anxiety and depressed mood. They usually experience fewer positive emotions, including joy and cheerfulness. Measurement of the electrical activity of the heart can also be used to predict the type of pleasant people, traits that describe how compassion and sensitivity.

The results indicate that the "signature" heartbeat can provide a method for measuring personality, which is more objective than current methods, the researchers said. The individual is usually assessed by means of questionnaires, but this method gives the place a bias - people can choose the answers that they consider more suitable for their sex or they can "sugarcoat" their traits, the researchers said.

"We hope that by using the method discovered by us, will be able to more accurately determine the individual" - said researcher Stephen Kelsh, professor of biological psychology at the Open University of Berlin.

Also, researchers may be able to identify the "signature" heartbeats, which are characteristic of certain emotional disorders such as depression or cardiovascular disease, says Kelsh. Such signatures may one day help diagnose such violations or to identify a high risk of their occurrence, he said.

The study involved 425 students aged 18 to 33 years old. Students filled out personality tests, and the electrical activity of their hearts was measured using electrocardiography.
Your character may affect the heart in several ways - either through direct connection of nerves between the brain and the heart, the nature of the rhythm of his breath or hormones, says Kelsh.

Previously, he and his colleagues found a link between a specific electro-aksivnostyu heart in "cold" people - individuals who usually do not show emotion. In the new study, similar trends were observed among individuals high neuroticism and low levels of positive emotions.

Although Kelsh believes templates eletro activity of the heart can not affect the health, further studies will show whether it would be right.


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