Experimental "wagon" will compete with several types of cancer

As reported in the article published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research, the UK created vseprigodny experimental drug that can fight with a broad range of oncological diseases.
The drug AT13148, developed by the Cancer Research Institute in London, and is one of a broad class of kinase inhibitors, can simultaneously block several different enzymes that control the growth and death of cancer cells.

Most kinase inhibitors formed to selectively block only the 1st enzyme (and there are concrete base). And, according to the creators of the work, until that time, these drugs are only displayed a limited effectiveness (with which, of course, is debatable). In general, they concluded that, in case to make the drug, which disables to cellular signals immediately at several points, it would not only significantly raise the overall effectiveness of chemotherapeutic effect, but also delay the development of resistance of tumors to the drug. < br />
Laboratory tests revealed that AT13148, blocks synchronously more enzymes able to destroy the cells of the whole range of types of malignant tumors, including sarcoma, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Such promising results and became the base first of all clinical trials.

Molecule itself was opened in 2003-2006, becoming one of the outcomes of the project the total number of British research institutes and company Astex Pharmaceuticals. Scientists were able to identify when several promising active pharmaceutical compounds, of which then was elected to the most worthy candidate.

Scientists believe that the use of such "universal" as AT13148, turn right a few different error signaling channels that forced cancer cells to grow, could be a more effective method of combating tumors, dramatically reducing the chances of developing an integrated resistance to the drug.


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