6 ordinary things that can become a weapon

In this collection we have collected 6 most common and everyday things that are "capable" hands can turn into a dangerous weapon.

Molten pig

Known to many school lessons with general Hannibal invented to frighten enemies use elephants. When large animals appeared on the battlefield enemies once it becomes clear that it is better to surrender. This strategic appointment began to use the rest of the African and Indian captains. But over time, the Romans discovered that the mighty giants of fear and sudden loud noises such as squealing pigs. Therefore, to get rid of the enemies on the battlefield Roman soldiers set fire to become ... pigs. The poor animal darted across the field and heart-rending screaming in pain. This cacophony of sounds could scare anyone, not just elephants.

Urinova bomb

CIA simply pro in inventing new weapons disguised as ordinary things. They came up with shoe polish, causing heart attacks and darts dart treated deadly poison. But the most unusual development of the CIA in this area is the bomb from urine. In addition it is part of the nitric acid and a few ingredients that are sold freely. Mixing, conventional and safe ingredients are transformed into murderous bomb forces.

Musical impact

Weapons should not necessarily affect the body and the flesh, it can act on the mind. For example, music may as boost morale, and enter into a state of complete apathy. This effect is not just used during the war. For example, during the Korean War the Chinese specifically for the US Army at night played a mournful funeral marches. And during the Second World music contrary was the mastermind. Adolf Hitler ordered that soldiers are constantly listening to "true Aryan" classical music. Especially Fuhrer insisted on listening to "Ride of the Valkyries" by Wagner.

Hot sugar

I think many people know that the hot molten sugar is quite sticky and prolonged contact with the skin is able to leave severe burns. These properties of sugar used Chinese sailors, sailing to the defenseless merchant ship "Sapman" fighting off the attack of Dutch pirates. No less than thirteen pirates took "sweet death". To date, the boiling sugar is sometimes used in prisons to calm inmates.

Millwall brick

Striking confirmation of human ingenuity when it is necessary to make a weapon out of nothing. In this case - because of the usual paper. As we know after a football match fans love more "good talk" with the fans of the fan - zone opposing team. Once at the British fans began to withdraw all objects that can be a weapon, enterprising guys adapted for this purpose an ordinary newspaper. To do this, it neatly twisted, folded in half. So the usual newspaper turned into a formidable weapon that could score the enemy until he lost consciousness.

Coto bomb

Another brutal but effective weapon. Was coined in the 16th century Europeans. During the siege of towns soldiers caught cats, sacks tied to them with a gas mixture and released back into the city. Fleeing from the fire, the poor animals ran to familiar places to hide. But in those days, almost all of the city were completely wooden, and all stored dry hay barns, so the city quickly covered the merciless flames.


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