Scientists have questioned the benefits of marriage

Relations themselves, rather than their legal status, provide a number of benefits, says researcher Kelly Music, Associate Professor of Policy Analysis and Management College of Cornell University. Moreover, the results show that for some, cohabitation may be a better option than having a stamp in your passport. People who participated in the study, to be happy and have more self-esteem than those who were married. Maybe because civil marriage offers more room for independence and personal growth, which can be especially important for some people at certain stages of life.

Scientists examined data from surveys of 2,737 single men and women, a third of whom are living together for six years after the beginning of the relationship. Participants rated their overall health and happiness, as well as self-esteem, depression level and strength of relationships with friends and family.
It was found that immediately after marriage or cohabitation, there was a surge in people well-being. Those who are married or started living with a partner, experienced increasing levels of happiness, and less complained of depression than those who remained alone, although these benefits have disappeared with time.
Life with a loved one under one roof means a decrease in the number of contacts with parents and friends compared to single people, and these effects persist over time.

"At that time, both couples are improving health, cohabitants experiencing higher levels of happiness and have higher self-esteem. For someone ?? cohabitation is a smaller number of unnecessary obligations, more room for flexibility, autonomy and personal growth, "- says the Music.

On the one hand, the experience of marriage and cohabitation are becoming more similar. But on the other hand, the wedding ring is still perceived as social status.

Other scientists also agree that the statement "the marriage of great benefit" loses its validity. For example, in the current economic conditions, the marriage does not bring financial benefits as it was before.

At the same time Music stipulates: "Of course, I'm not saying that marriage is not important for personal well-being. For someone to print a passport can be a great source of happiness, but there are other forms of romantic relationships that can provide the same benefits human! "


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