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Researchers concluded that regular aerobic exercise is an important component of a long health of your brain. For "mental fitness" as little as 30 minutes of exercise.

Not proper nutrition leads to a lack of energy for the brain. Violation of digestion leads to problems with the operation of the brain. A balanced diet is accompanied by an influx of energy to the brain and increase productivity. At the same time, be careful with diets. Extreme dieting can seriously affect not only the volume of your body, and the state of your head, confusion, memory impairment.

Largely preventable diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity also affect the brain. Watch out for yourself, do not let bad habits, eat less fatty foods.

When we sleep, our brain filters the information for further storage. But if we do not regularly get enough sleep, we think and harder to get new information. Also lack of sleep lead to an acceleration of the aging process.

Recent studies have shown that coffee can prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease by 30-60%. The truth is not clear what is the reason, caffeine or the antioxidants contained in coffee and tea.

Incredibly useful is the regular consumption of seafood. Essential fatty acids such as omega-3s, are critical to the functioning of the brain and can even cure depression.

Stress has an adverse effect on our brain and directly affect the state of the memory. Researchers concluded that the relaxed lifestyle, yoga and other soothing activities leading to the improvement of memory, reducing the effects of stress.

Eat as little as possible tablets. This applies not only medicines, even ordinary vitamins. Despite their "natural" they are often full of side effects such as hypertension, a complication in the digestive process, or depression, which leads to difficulty of the brain.


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