Support the mother alters a child's brain

Scientists have discovered a link between early social experience and the amount of the amygdala of the brain that helps regulate the processing and memory of emotional reactions. Numerous studies have also shown that children who grow up in a healthy environment, as a rule, do better in school and more emotional development.

The analysis of the results, scientists have concluded - the children actively raised by his mother, had hippocampal volume by 10% more than the kids whose mothers did not give the child's development of great significance. Scientists pay attention to it, as an association between the size of the hippocampus and memory.

The study is part of an ongoing project to track the development of depression in children at an early age. The project, Dr. Luba and her colleagues measured the effect of maternal support the emergence of symptoms of depression and other mental disorders in children aged 3 to 6 years.

"Now we can say with certainty that the psychosocial environment has a significant impact on the development of the human brain," - said Dr. Joan Luby, the lead researcher and psychiatrist at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.
"It reinforces the idea that early parenting, positive impact on their personal formation."


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