Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 reduces the risk of arrhythmia

These acids are found in foods such as fish, nuts, eggs, as well as various food additives.
These new studies have shown that approximately 3000 elderly people with high levels of omega-3 in the blood of 30% are less likely to suffer from various types of diseases arrhythmia within the next 14 years, as compared to their counterparts who have lower levels of these acids normal .

According to American experts, about 9% of the population susceptible to arrhythmias, which later, by the age of 80 years, can lead to stroke or heart failure.

Eating any kind of fish can contribute to a tenfold increase in blood levels of omega-3 human.

Also, a similar study conducted in Finland, as a result showed a similar reduction in the risk of arrhythmias in people with high levels of polyunsaturated acids in the body.

Fish consumption helps to stabilize the activity of cardiac muscle cells, resulting in an overall balance of the heart.

In connection with these data, experts recommend eating fish at least 2 times a week, especially the elderly, who are more prone to diseases of the cardiovascular system.


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