The first signs of autism in a child

As a rule, do not diagnose autism to three years, but the first signs of the disease can manifest itself with six months.
What are the early symptoms? About them told Rebecca Landa, director of the Autism Research Institute in Baltimore.

1. Infants are often responsible for a smile a smile, but children with developmental delays do not smile in response to others.

2. The kid does not try to imitate the sounds and movements that usually do other children, while interacting with people.

3. usually six months the child begins to babble something, make repeated syllables.

4. A child between the ages of 6 to 12 months, should respond to his name with high care, lack of response is a sign of developmental delay.

5. In the 10-month old baby comes into contact with the other by means of gestures.

6. The majority of children with autism avoid eye contact. Lack of eye contact is an important signal for the parents.

7. Infants with developmental delays express less confidence parental care and attention.

8. Children who can later be diagnosed with autism, strenuously defended by tactile contact arms and legs. They also produce unusual movements of the body that are often repeated over and over again, such as rotating the wrist, the host country poses.

9. When parents pick up or hold babies, they often take it normally, not trying to pull out of the embrace.

10. Babies are not a long time trying to learn how to be the focus on feet or crawl.

If the parents have noticed a few of the above symptoms, do not take the side of "wait and see", because the earlier the diagnosis, the better will be the intervention of professionals, because at an early age the brain still evolving, and with the right approach can be changed much, his healthy schemes of thought and perception.


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