About our hospital

Hospital on the one hand for us something frightening, on the other - the source of some habitual or even pretty. What are we afraid of, and are glad to see that in health care settings?

Grandmother. This word even know foreigners. Only they pronounce it with the accent on the "grandmother". Grandmother with pies and good only in fairy tales, in hospitals they are evil and a lot of them. They had all come to the top and receiving already constitute themselves from the queue. We are afraid of them.

Shoe covers. Word came to us just a dozen years ago, but already firmly stuck even among grandmothers. Individuals prefer to use a pair of disposable several times - until you wear. Somehow embarrassing when you are asked to wear shoe covers, for example, in a beauty salon. It's long been a purely hospital accessory.

Injections. Despite the fact that as a child we all ears buzz song "I'm not afraid of injections, if necessary - prick", we still prefer on occasion even bitter, but the tablet.

Nurse. For some reason, most of us get more medbabushki. They can be both good and not so. But syringes and medication are always asked to bring their own. And do not forget about your own bed sheet.

If you got real sister, the thought of a prick can take a back seat.

Valuev does not seem to complain.

Medtech. Old Soviet medical equipment may resemble torture devices or appliances electrician. Hardly anyone to taste, to connected to it, for example, that such a thing.

Fortunately, medical equipment began to look like a new-fangled gadgets and IT-equipment. Here, for example, the new ventilator production Ural instrument factory (part KRET).

We have since Soviet times people think that everything beautiful and reliable - only foreign. But it's not so long ago. Medtech now collects Commissar, which has always been strong. You see that "Avent" controlled from the touch screen, reminiscent aypad, and has Wi-Fi.

In plant CPL recently invested 980 million rubles (http://rostec.ru/news/2676). This means that the equipment will be steeper. And we will not be so scary. Still would be nice to, for example, Ultrasound diagnosis "Unison-2-03", allowing even save the images on the usual PC-carriers and transfer them to the network, showing football. Although probably in KRET is not a priority.

Medkartochka and policy. Without papers you are known bug. God forbid you forget your card or medpolis will not be able to find in the dusty vaults that recall all sores even your grandparents. But if the map you will find all the same, then while waiting for the reception it is possible to dig out the fun things about their first years of life.

Vitaminki. I do not know how the others, but as a child I hospital was associated with sweet Vitaminka. It's the only thing I was ready to sit at a reception at the doctor. Each time you complete the receiving doctor gave me a pair of coveted little yellow Peas. I do not understand why it is not practiced with adults) would be more pleasantness!


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