The smallest things in its own way.

Little things, in spite of its small size, can not only aesthetically pleasing us, but also to work quite well. Today we offer you heed the smallest things in its own way. All are artificial, but at the same time, functional, and their "colleagues" normal size.

10. The pistol.

According to the website of the company, the Swiss Mini Gun - "This revolver double action, which has all the same features that have normal-sized gun." As the name suggests, the weapon and its parts are made in Switzerland. This country is famous for the quality produced there hours and, accordingly, a mini-gun, the size of the flash cards will run like clockwork.

9. Model trains.

Diorama small village is impressive not only for its small size, but also the reality of the image objects - train tracks and five cars tiny train playfully make lap after lap. This is the tiny model train was built by David Smith for just $ 12.

8. Mini cars.

First car Peel P50 Microcar collected in the period from 1962 to 1965. In 2008, it again drew attention after Jeremy Clarkson took a mini-cars in the popular British program Top Gear. This little car was sold in the UK for £ 200. It has three wheels, one seat, one door, one windshield wiper and one headlight.

7. Camera.

In 2011, researchers from the Fraunhofer German Institute presented a new kind of disposable cameras. Its purpose, at first glance, is not particularly impressive, however, its medical use, capture images inside the body, is very valuable, and all because of its size. It is simple to make, inexpensive disposable camera, the size of one cubic millimeter.

6. PC.

Norwegian FXI Technologies recently brought to market personal computers micro, in the truest sense of the word. On the photos are not USB-drive. In fact, in this miracle - the device has a built-in micro-USB port. This is a fully functional PC that supports Android operating system and Ubuntu.

5. Mini-boat.

Yurvind Sven from Sweden - respected master, and fashions boat. Now he builds a boat in which he was going to travel around the world. This is not just a boat - a small ocean-going vessel, the size of a large spa bath. In it, Sven wants to circumnavigate the globe, continuously, without mooring to the shore, about a year and a half.

4. TV screen.

In 2007, the Guinness Book of Records were made to the smallest television screen in the Scottish company MicroEmissive ME1602. Despite the amazing miracles that we constantly surprising world of technology, this mini-screen still holds its place record.

3. jet aircraft.

From the late 1960s until the mid-1970s, Aircraft Corporation Bede, a small company led by US aircraft designer Jim Bede, produced thumbnails aircraft, and even sold more than 5,000 units. This aircraft, Bede BD-5J was, is, and is likely to remain the smallest jet aircraft in the world, weighing just over 350 pounds.

2. Mini-bug.

Yes, technically it robozhuchok, and in the title lies its purpose and nature. Very little bug, the creation of which was inspired by insects. And in addition to the banal espionage he has plenty of other interesting potential.

1. Artificial Heart.

Finally, we have this little device created by Dr. Robert is a man of Zhdarvikom directly related to the invention and improvement of the artificial heart. The size of the battery, it is the world's smallest artificial heart for the youngest patients.


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