Examples of what can be confused with ghosts

This post is for those who sit at home and afraid. Feels a strange chill on the skin, anxiety, and other signs of poltergeists home. And also believe in dying tunnel. I like "doctor", will help you get rid of this nonsense.

Everything convince us that ghosts exist. Film, literature, the neighbor across the site Baba Manya, and others. People. And when US scientists conducted the study it was found that today believe in the mystique of 47% of honest Americans.

It is understandable, after watching such films as "The Mirror", "Call", "Exorcism of Emily Rose," only hladny remain calm. Very good scary movies learned to shoot, very believable. This is a fact.

1. Whether the ghost, or infrasound

You sit in a room and feel the anxiety you why it is cold then hot, and you do not understand what is happening, but it is assumed that most likely is something paranormal.

And here and there. Possible cause of your suffering only infrasound. The human ear picks up about 20 000Gts, while sounds below 20Hz, we do not accept at all. These sounds are called low noise. They may issue appliances, fans as well as bad weather. Maybe the ears do not hear, but feel the skin and stomach, and this is what causes fear and sometimes panic.

Scientists have proved that people often see something mystical in those places where there is infrasound. And if you're scared, just check the appliances. For example heater.

2. Poltergeist or hallucination

In 1921, he was described history, doctor ophthalmologist. About a prosperous family that moved into a new house, and conducted regular life. But over time, their life turned into a nightmare in reality. Indeed, in their house settled some beings who organized chaos. Stared at the home at night, move furniture and small objects, slams the door and pulled down all around.

People came to the madness. After slumped even house plants in pots. And only after that home owners have paid attention to a faulty furnace. Have fired smoke in the chimney and into the house. Unhappy people just simply suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Which as you may recall has no color or smell. But causes severe hallucinations, confusion, nausea, general weakness, and a bunch of other symptoms, the most important of which - the death.

3. Scary shadows

Many people see strange shadows that a second later, startling disappear. And it's not a hallucination. And maybe even the astral body or a demon. But scientists say that perhaps the reason is different. And describes the story of a woman suffering from epilepsy.

Doctors treated the patient by means of electrical stimulation. And dolechili to such an extent that the woman began to see a strange shadow is not to deviate from it a single step and copies of its movement. Of it was not to hide to hide. She could even encircle the patient and not let go. Scary?

Yes not) turned out that doctors stimulated left-temporoparietal junction and accidentally turned off the ability to perceive his own body, because it is in this part of the brain is the human perception of-itself. This led to the emergence of such a strange shade - a ghost.

In the end, I want to say that if began to notice something strange, see a doctor, our brain can sometimes work wonders.

4. The Queen of Spades COME

As children we were locked with his girlfriend in the bathtub with Mommy's sweet, and drew on the mirror ladder, and then said, "The Queen of Spades, come ..." And waited. About 30 seconds and then fled in terror because to wait, too scary. I was about 7. And some are still in the age of reason believe such a seance.

People sit in a circle, put before him some chalkboard with chalk or something like that. And begin to cry out to the spirits. And so they are good at it that the spirit comes ... And chalk board or move.

Do you think it is so? And here and there. Because there is such a thing as the ideomotor effect. The phenomenon of physics. And what does this mean? And only during the session, this power of suggestion that the muscles begin to move without the intervention of consciousness. Here are a board and moves.

Do not believe the miracles, be of sound mind and with a fresh mind.


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