3D printer MATAERIAL learn to type metal

Long time already Habré published news about 3D-printer , which can print on weight, creating all sorts of shapes. Now even more interesting news: the printer does not learn to type with plastic and metal, and the different types of metal.

This printer was named MX3D-Metal, and is a more advanced version of MATAERIAL.

As before, the base for the printer is an industrial robotic arm, robotic "hand". A special system adapted for use metals and their alloys, including aluminum, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel.

Print mode can be changed by using different settings for different metals. Of course, for printing metal products requires much more time than printing the same product, only made of plastic. And the integrity of received samples is also not ideal. However, the initiative to do, so we can expect more sophisticated devices that can print, ispoluya metal rather than the usual plastic.

Here is an example of work MATAERIAL, or rather, his successor, MX3D-Metal:

// www.youtube.com/embed/NFF0QQIQDXE?wmode=opaque video>

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