Victim of circadian rhythms

I'm not very rustic people. That is, all the charm of this way of life, of course, I admit, but when you get to the village, then fall into poluanabioz. It seems to be working, but somehow dimly. Half asleep. Why - do not know. Seem to get enough sleep and sleep soundly, but - that such a feature.
The only thing that is always interrupted sleep heroic - it svolochnaya crow. As soon as the approaching sunrise, these vile creatures have always wound up roll one known to them and the scheme continued lawlessness cock before sunrise. And it's not my time to rise. In general, I then get out somehow Nochenka and strangle all harbingers of dawn nafig. The main thing - they are bastards, because kukarkali at the same time. Indeed, even though the clock is checked against.
And it turns out, it is still there and the internal clock. Recently, the Japanese conducted an interesting study - one company screamers were placed in a room with a replaceable light day or night, and another - in the room with uniform throughout the day twilight. So it turns out, the lighting on the drum. Start yelling for two hours before dawn in the real-time zone. And still there is a hierarchy ora. Enter alpha-cock. Frontman, so to speak. And then the rest of the band. Backing vocals, podpevochka. Everything is as it should be in show business. Well, the day singing - it is simply mark the territory.
So I became a village hostage circadian rhythms cocks - so on the scientific jargon name-calling internal clock of living organisms.


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