Man Shrek - there!

This may seem like an evil joke or a farce, but this incredible story is historically accurate and truthful! The prototype of the cartoon Shrek was a famous wrestler Maurice Tille. He was born in 1903 in Russia, the Urals in the French family, which in 1917 took place in connection with the revolution went back to France.

As a child, Maurice looks no different from their peers, rather the opposite - it was called the "Angel", thanks comely facial features. But that all changed in the age of seventeen, when he started to progress rare disease acromegaly, causing monstrous, disproportionate increase in bone, especially the face.

In connection with these awful external transformations Maurice had to abandon cherished career as a lawyer. But he did not put an end to his life, and decided to use his disadvantage as a huge advantage! Maurice went to the US to become a professional wrestler, and in May 1940 he became the champion by the American Association of Wrestling, holding the title for the next 19 months. He was known by the nickname "terrible ogre of the ring", but later it became known as a child, "the French Angel" because of his sincere and kind nature.

It is also worth noting that Maurice Tille different phenomenal intellectual abilities, which many do not even guessed. He was fluent in 14 languages, wrote wonderful stories and poems.

Unfortunately, his disease progressed, and in the age of 51 Maurice died of a heart attack. But all of his short but bright life is a wonderful example of human courage and bravery. Instead of complaining that life at his disposal gave only "sour lemons," he deftly learned from them to make "lemonade" and enjoy your life. I am sure that Maurice would have liked it a prototype cartoon Shrek, which also as he is kind and sensitive, despite its intimidating appearance.



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