Britain calls princes and princesses of the right to the throne

British Prime Minister David Cameron started a major reform of the monarchy. Chairman of the British government wants to equalize men and women's rights to the throne. If the proposal is accepted Cameron, the first-born daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton will become the queen of the United Kingdom, even if it will take. Under current rules, the throne goes to the first male heir. This custom is rooted in the Middle Ages, when the monarch was to be primarily military commander, was legally issued in 1701 in the Act of Succession. The status quo Cameron found it discrimination, stating that it "does not correspond to modern values." Reform of the law of succession does not make changes to the existing "place on the throne." So, the daughter of Anna Elizabeth II will not be able to move the younger brothers Andrew and Edward. But the offspring of the future of the monarchy in Britain will have to inherit the throne, regardless of gender. In addition, Cameron wants to cancel the rule prohibiting inherit the throne to any member of the royal family, is married to a Catholic. Nevertheless, the monarch is still obliged to belong to the Church of England - after all, he is the head not only of the British monarchy, but also the Church of England. Cameron also going to repeal the law in 1772, according to which all descendants of King George II have to ask permission to marry from the current monarch. Message from the relevant amendments to the Law Cameron sent to 15 countries of the British Commonwealth, which is formally subordinate to the authority of the British Crown, and must confirm their consent for this reform.


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