Bite to death nostalgia

Disco eighties. Hits of the nineties. Russian restaurants in Brighton Beach. Nostalgia. She willingly exploit and make this a pretty decent business.
So what is nostalgia?
The term is borrowed from the Greek nostos (homecoming) and algos (pain). That is, if literally, it turns longing for his native land, which not particularly new. For the first time in a scientific approached this issue Johannes Hofer in the late seventeenth century. He noticed that the soldiers stationed far from home, begin to experience strange malaise that mysteriously passes itself as soon as servicemen returned home. Navayal it about this thesis, gentlemen doctors alerted about the phenomenon of "animal spirits" that bound man to his native land, and for a while forgot about this topic.
Subsequently, these issues are dealt with variable activity has since the mid-19th century, carried out some interesting tests, even dissected (!). And, because under the microscope and found nothing serious doctors again lost interest - there study, continuous emotions.
In fact, did so. Nostalgia - the phenomenon of emotional order. The question is, how it affects our psyche. And there are quite a number of interesting points.
We often react with nostalgic memories of adolescence, rather than childhood or later. That is, people already understood, but it has not yet reached all the troubles of society. And he definitely comfortable in this cocoon.
So, quite often (more than forty percent of the cases) cause of nostalgia - loneliness. Memories of a time when everything was fine and just help in some way to survive in difficult times - separation, loss, and so on. Even actively helped raise. But there is a very fine line. Sometimes people "hangs" in the past, and then there may come a profound disappointment - because the world continues to move forward. to
So, listen to hit 90, drooped at the disco 80's (if very sausage) - and welcome to today.


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