We can predict

Americans, namely Jeffrey Sachs (Jeffrey Zacks), had a very interesting study, which allowed a few clear picture of our capabilities in the field of prediction. Find out what part of the brain is responsible for the operation and how, in principle, a person is able to anticipate.
So can the same! In the course of the experiment guinea allowed to watch movies on everyday topics - washing, cleaning, washing dishes and stuff. At some point, viewing interrupted and loaded task to predict the next few seconds for the proposed action. The results were very impressive.
If the movie was interrupted during the already initiated action (half of all cases), 90% of the subjects gave the correct prediction. Here, everything seems to be logical and does not cause much squeak.
And here is the result of the second half, when the roller stopped before the action - that is something. 80% of the volunteers correctly predicted subsequent events. But even this is not the most interesting. Decrease in the percentage of guessing there for the reason that people in this situation more intense thought, afraid to make mistakes and doubts about the correct answer. That is, the process of thinking prevented guessing.
So, gentlemen, think and guess - it's a completely different category. When people are trying to guess the future action, and once after they had received "otgadku" volunteers increased brain activity of several sections of the midbrain, and in particular, a black substance (substantia nigra), and in the striatum (striatum). < br /> But perhaps one can recall the situation in life, which can be described like this: "But the same feeling! But no, thinking began to figure. »
We can.


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