Symbol of unity

The origins of many dishes - the theme is quite vast and teeming with fun facts.
For example, our single dish "herring under a fur coat" - a product of the revolutionary era. AND FUR COAT was originally an acronym - "chauvinism and decline - Boycott and Anathema." Nothing more, nothing menshe.Grozno and categorically.
And the glory of the inventor, or at least pervopodavatelya dishes give restaurateurs and merchant Anastas Bogomilovu. He held in Moscow a few quite popular restaurants. And in the darkest time of the post-revolutionary representatives of the proletariat, the former major zavsegdataemi its institutions zaimeli bad habit of arguing about the fate of the motherland after the adoption of vodka on his chest. The debate about the fate of the Fatherland lead to a mass brawl still rather than divide girls. Accordingly, where a fight, there's a fight breaking dishes and furniture cleaner than in Westerns and straight loss institution.
Was a specific task - to create a low-cost high-calorie snack that while some ba symbolized the unity of the masses. I must say that the problem was solved as soon as possible, effectively and efficiently.
A basis that was naturally taken by the proletariat favorite herring. This also occurred fit peasant onion, native potatoes with carrots and, as the apotheosis of proletarian internationalism and political correctness - a fiery beets with gourmet mayonnaise. Come when all together - amazing taste.
Indeed, the new season, filed for the first time on the eve of 1919, relished. And what is most important for restaurants Bogomilova, the number of fights in them has decreased dramatically.
Well, of course. Under such a zakus!


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