Terrible cat no beast

At that time I am convinced - not in some case sizes. Spirit must be imet.Nekotoroe time ago there was a few posts - that rabbit pounding for Mozhaev snake, the same cat, way about the crocodile. Here and here. And do not say because that fold some Bezbashenny. No. Completely calm and confident in their abilities beast guarding their territory. Judging by the hysterical exclamations on video, many such a question seems absurd. indeed, come one big and strong, much bigger and stronger than you, then you need to quickly fade. As long as that does not happen. How, by the way, often happens in this world.
But you FIGS. For his standing need. And that after a short time and back to move down the evolutionary ladder. Until invertebrates.
Welcome nameless soldier. Especially on the eve of the Day of Defender.


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