Sliding sleepy day

Day dreaming, but noted in the world. Established him not so long ago - in 2008, and decided that it was a gut. And in fact, in fact, if you think about it - we spend in this state, a third of his life, an official holiday, then and there. Wrong somehow. Like any more or less important event, has had a slogan. More precisely, slogans. Since they are updated every year. Also understandable - after all dreams are different. The first slogan reads "Sleep tight, live cheerfully." This year, it sounds like "Good sleep, healthy aging." As for me, so-so. This year if you had called the "year of healthy aging." Well, okay. There are bugs and pokucheryavee. Yes, and we esche.Prazdnuem this business on the third Friday of March. So, you know, the specific number is not expected.
By the way, owls to note - from 23-00 to 1-00, in another study (maybe British scientists) is very important. At this time, anything can happens to the body - and soaring growth hormone is produced (the children grow up, adults lose weight), and the pleasure hormone produced (goodbye, depressnyak). So, if there is excess weight and suicidal mood is haunted, quickly reviewing the mode of the day. Yes, and God forbid drag in bed cell phone or laptop. Not Figures in bed to play - you will not be healthy sleep and cheerful in the morning.
Quiet all night.


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