Tour of Iran (20 photos)

Photographer and traveler Chepl Amos (Amos Chapple) tells us the story and show the pictures as he visited the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"I think because of the fact that the journalists' access to the country is very limited, people have formed a distorted view of what really is Iran. Mode prefers to portray the country as the boiler anti-Western sentiments, so they spread the news about the chanting fanatics who will gladly pick up foreign channels. For ordinary Iranians as the government is the source of endless embarrassment and even shame. In all the time I spent in Iran, I did not see anything except the address of good intentions and dignity in pronounced contrast with my experience in other countries of the Middle East. Last year in Kyrgyzstan, I met a soldier of US special forces, who said to me, when it comes to the Middle East, America are not the friends and not the enemies »

Palangan village in the mountains near the border with Iraq. Palangan perfectly illustrates the rural settlement, received subsidies from the government. Many residents are employed in the nearby fish farm or are paid members of the volunteer militia "Basy" in the scope of activities which includes the prevention of "zapadofikatsii" and preserving the achievements of the 1979 Islamic revolution and its leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, including strict rules on women's clothing and the relationship between men and women.

Working inside the mosque Vakil in Shiraz. The mosque is now a tourist attraction, but visitors to her a little bit. Although the tourism industry is growing, western tourists still account for only 10% of the total. One guide told me that their scare horrific government statements that have nothing to do with the real lives of ordinary Iranians.

The palace complex in northern Tehran Saadabad Islamic revolutionaries put the statue half overthrow of the Shah. Today, students come to the guided tours, walking past his boots and on to the palace to look at the former premises of the Shah.

Women in the hills above Tehran at sunset. Hides clothing including head covering is obligatory for women in the Islamic Republic. However, the exact definition of "modesty" is not what causes gusts of struggle between the young and the Iranian authorities every spring. Regularly you can see female police check the passersby at the exit of the subway. If a woman's dress would be regarded as "immodest", her arrest. In 2010, the religious leaders in Tehran accused of frequent earthquakes in Iran women who "introduced the young men in fornication" with their revealing outfits.


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