Tears old women (2 photos)

It's hard to comment on something about this, someone is in the throat after reading.
One thing is for sure, the elderly survive in Russia is not easy.


I went to the store. The convenience store in the department of vegetables old lady came to weigh 1 !!! kartoshinku! Seller poor numb. I, too. Grandma says, pay the rent, utilities, medication, and that survives as he can. Today one can afford kartoshinku and black quarter. I arrive. I went quickly, took a bag of potatoes, bought, gave old at the checkout. She thanked a long time and wept. And I went home and cried. One bag of potatoes cost just 30 rubles. Your division, what kind of country is this, where millions stoyut chandeliers, clocks Deputies hundreds of thousands of dollars on roads washed billions, and my grandmother, and is weighing a kartoshinku ??? Where's your damn improvement ?? Would sleep all of you fuck !!!

In order not to deceive visitors (it went on the internet to the Russian version), added to the original position, that is, it is about Ukraine. Oh well, in the same Russian)



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