Vertu: Android'om more

Vertu behind the rest surrendered under the onslaught of the mighty Google, clicking on its mobile platform Android. Novёhonky Vertu Ti got a new software without filling and lost keys. Soon, it seems, even among the elite of mobile phones will be difficult to choose the push-button device. Rookie in the ranks of Android boasts its titanium case, sapphire crystal and an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash. All this we have repeatedly seen. Despite identical innards, the appearance of luxury phones retains its unique character, which is not a pity to give the order of 10 000 dollars. Thus, the Vertu Ti version with black leather will cost $ 9,600, the model «Pure Black» in $ 11,500, «Black Alligator» - $ 12,800, and the top model of titanium and gold is valued at $ 19 900


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