Disney-style in the interior

Disney Cartoons inspire new generations of children. Relentlessly coming up with new images, the creators of the cartoon characters give food to the imagination of designers, artists, stylists, creators of toys. The interior in the style of Disney - the best way to immerse yourself in a fairy tale with his baby. Here are some really wonderful options for children, experts have developed a large American company HGTV together with engineers Disney.

Tiki Room

Tiki Room is designed HGTV Design winner David Bromstadom. The idea for the creation of the concept were the requirements for the child: it should be the most realistic.

Walt Disney Records, the record label of Disney, has long cultivated a landmark song, which was written to advertise a special amusement park in the style of the Amazon. The song is still played in all the world Disneyland:

In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room
In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room
All the birds sing the words and the flowers croon
In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room
The bed and room are the same interior amusement park is not enough unless the singing birds, which is sung in the song.

Bromstad created as a bedroom in the style of the cartoon Nemo. Double Bed-shell is on a solid basis and will not break, although looks quite fragile.

Many people say that their little girl a princess, but only a few are willing to provide her own castle. The interiors of these are focused on children's fairy tale about Cinderella and Ariel.

If there is room for a princess, you must be a crib. The company provides options for cots pumpkins in stock.

There are houses, pumpkin, this is for those who have a private garden, where you can put the carriage. And get the best of any ordinary house!

And this is a bed for a princess, living in an overgrown pumpkin.

The bedroom in the style of the animated film "Toy Story" from the studio Pixar in collaboration with Disney.

Mickey Mouse Club fans.

The bedroom in the style of Alice in Wonderland:

The creators say that these decorations have no relation to the cartoon about Winx fairies, however, this is true. Some elements of the situation seemed to have gone from screens of cartoons of Tinker Bell.

And this is another bedroom in the style of Winx, only slightly decorated in a different direction, but also very colorful.

The bedroom in the style of the cartoon elephant Jumbo.

Want to himself like this? Perfectly well!


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