Dissemination of our on the planet. "Privezёsh one Russian - after five years, the entire staff will be Russian"

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A friend called me from America to talk about this and that. After an exchange of news talking about how to celebrate the New Year. And that's what I heard.
As you know, in the US the New Year almost celebrating. Christmas - yes. Decorate the house, dress, suit sales, range illumination. A New Year for the Americans as if not a holiday. When a friend moved to the United States, first honest to follow all local traditions and worked hard to become an American. Two years. And then bored.
And three or four years ago, just after Western Christmas, faced with a neighbor in the supermarket, she suddenly invited him and his family to his home - to celebrate the New Year. I do not know how in America, but where lives girlfriend, neighbors to each other do not know, not to mention the fact that so easily visit each other's homes.

The neighbor was so stunned that have not found a reason to give up. Even more, he was stunned when he came to visit, I saw a festive table.
- I decided not to frighten them badly - told a friend - so many are not ready. So, furshetik. Half a dozen salads, eggs, fish cakes. Sliced ​​meat, cooked jelly. Well, fruits, herbs, of course. Modestly in general.

At first, the neighbors have long tried to understand, after which this feast, then a long silence after learning that a friend of all this concocted herself, then could not understand why they absolutely must stay at least until midnight. Then, finally, relaxed, cheered and began to be happy meal. Toward the close of gifts received from friends and smoked a cigar on the terrace, went home happy.

The following year, a friend met this neighbor at Christmas, when he parked himself at the door wreath of fir branches and bells.
- Hi! - She waved her hand.
- Hi! - Said a neighbor and a laugh, he added: - We live nearby, and see each other only on holidays. Remember last year? So it was fun!
- So come again, - invited my girlfriend - we celebrate every year.
- The Truth? - Happy neighbor. - We will arrive!

At this time went by another neighbor who stopped to say hello and wish you a Merry Christmas. He too was invited.

The following year it was the same. However, the first neighbor asked if he could bring a relative who lives on the same street.
- Of course - said a friend - but I have a condition. More - no beer. Do you want to celebrate the New Year right - then all drink or champagne, or water * y.

And this year, a month before the New Year, a neighbor waiting girlfriend at her house.
- Imagine - she laughed in my tube - I have this year, the whole street is walking! I own ears in the store heard one another asked whether he goes to the Russian celebrate the New Year. To Russian! It's a pity, Michael did not hear him!

And yet neighbor quizzed me how to truly celebrate the Russian New Year. Told him that Arizona really does not work, snow is not present. And he said one of the neighbors - the owner of a hotel in the nearby Utah, and there is snow - fill up, and we can all go there for the day. And then he said that he specially for the New Year Russian song learned, though, is a surprise.

And now imagine: I have this crowd will celebrate the New Year, and now relatives ...
- A Michael feel about that? - I asked.

- Michael laughs. Says privezёsh one Russian - after five years the entire staff will be Russian. And they say that we are now almost the whole town knows. He yesterday some guy a package of cosmetics for me handed, and then waved and shouted after in Russian "Goodbye."


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