Conquest of the Shanghai Tower

Writes Raskalov

Hello everyone! I want to dilute the two-month lull in the live journal. Several months ago, we, along with dedmaxopka planned trip to China's major cities, from Hong Kong Shanghai finishing. The main purpose of our trip was the tallest building in the world, the Shanghai Tower, which is now under construction at the moment of its height with jib crane reaches just over 650 meters, making the construction of the second tower tallest in the world after the Burj Khalifa in the UAE.

Knowing about a very hard law in China, we have carefully prepared and selected a suitable date, the Chinese New Year. At the time that the security was less vigilant, workers were missing and taps were not working. Made their way to the tap we about midnight, almost 2 hours raised to 120 floors on foot and slept almost 18 hours at a construction site in anticipation of good weather.

Above the town starts to gather low clouds.

JinMao Tower and Shanghai Financial Centre, the people simply "OpenerĀ»

By dawn, the clouds have become even tighter, and the city is fully tightened.

For comparison, the left tower has a height of 421 meters, and the right 490

One of the main goals polazki the tower was shooting the video, as the city was a low cloud cover, it was decided to sit on the upper floors of its building and wait.

An hour before dawn, the clouds parted and we climbed up.

Picture me

650 meters



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