Amazing Patagonia

Patagonia - South America, located south of the river Rio Colorado in Argentina and Bio Bio in Chile. About her many books described, and yet it is the only area on the globe where the east coast of the mainland is a tropical zone occupied by the desert. Not long ago, the author realized his dream and went to this wonderful province. Perito Moreno Glacier

Very unusual lakes, glaciers, penguins - you will find it all here. The nature untouched by man very carefully protected and there is a merit of Argentina and Chile, who are doing everything possible to this region remained wilderness area, and tourists walked only go where they are allowed.

First of all I would like to show the region, and more specifically the first city in which it was possible to visit

Ushuaia - one of the southernmost cities in the world.
It is called the city on the "edge of the world».
Located just off the coast of the Beagle Bay on the island of Tierra del Fuego

Arriving straight from the Argentine Buenos Aires, where it was summer, fall directly into the autumn, at least, not exactly summer.
Around - the harsh landscape

The town itself - it is a European, even with the crowds of tourists from all over the world.
Many restaurants, shops with souvenirs and the like.

On the one hand - Beagle Bay, and the other - the mountain.
Almost all the time - very cloudy.
Feels proximity to Antarctica

Every restaurant in every lure tourists.
Typically, this display of seafood

With the Gulf usually always calm, at least in the vicinity of the city.
There are also cruise liners.
If you search, you can find even a cruise ship in Antarctica. Such large were not allowed there, but smaller - at the time.
Now - this is the way the region in the world. Wanting to get there - more than enough. Cost of the tour from Ushuaia - from $ 4000. You can find last minute and much cheaper.

You can also meet and horses. I love these harsh background

Yes, this is the edge of the earth

The city is a bit like a mixture of other cities such as Murmansk, Andorra la Vella, and also something gives Greenland

Mandatory photo in Ushuaia - from the pedestal Fin del mundo (doomsday)

All sorts of excursions here a lot. One of them - swim and sail around the island to the southernmost lighthouse in the world.
Along the way there are islands with wildlife

There's a lot of different animals and sometimes slightly distinguishable from each other.
It penguins, but they are not as close as we would like.

And here is the lighthouse.
He was chosen by penguins and sea lions.
In principle, the lighthouse as a beacon, but his whereabouts ...

On the way back across the islands, which were simply filled with penguins.

For some time the sun came out and Ushuaia has become a much more benevolent

Now we go to the city of El Calafate. It is located north of

We fly over Lake Argentino (Lago Argentina).
It is fed by glaciers, so the water is very bright and in bad weather, especially when the clouds and the sun - it begins to literally glow

Weather like in the Russian North is changing every 10 minutes.

Immediately, immediately, on a trip to the glacier Perito Moreno
Everything is made so easy that you can view the glacier literally from all sides. The territory beside him entangled network of convenient iron ladders with a handrail. Glacier moves at a speed of 2 meters per day. Always break off chunks of ice. Around the silence and hear the constant fall in the ice water. Nehily such sounds.

The spectacle is fascinating.
For an hour the weather had time to change times 5. Only there was no snow.

We return to El Calafate. Already it is beginning to gather the clouds and rain here.
So, glacier water will now shine!
No it's not Photoshop - all it is.
Very lucky with the weather

Well, not that great?

Sorry, I do not remember this reality, because it is not released from the hands of the camera

We go to the city of Puerto Natales.
This is not Argentina and Chile.
For Russians, there is no difference - both countries visa-free for us.
Show your passport, you put a stamp and all.
Patagonia is very beautiful

Barely visible house

Roads - excellent. Between the small towns it is best to move the bus. It costs about 30-50 $.
You can rent a car, but if you are going to cross the borders of countries or, God forbid, take the car in another city - not very loosely here throws in the price, ie. A very large distance.

In the Chilean city of Puerto Natales go with one goal - to get to the park Torres del Paine

Bus goes every day at 14:30, and there is also back.
You buy a ticket with a free date and everything. Travel time from Puerto Natales - about 4 hours but usually arrives quickly.
The park entrance fee - about $ 30. Usually, all come with their tents, because hotels are very expensive, and the bed in the so-called Refuge (hostel) will set you back $ 45. Breakfast is also not cheap.
All products are purchased in Natales and take with them

In the park a lot of people and they are from all over the world come here.
At the entrance give you a map on which all the routes are marked with the time of their passage, and - the most beautiful views in terms

Most of the time all the beauty you can not see.
Go in peace, drinking water from mountain rivers

Mosor throw can not spend the night outside the camping or hotel - is also prohibited.
A tourist set fire to these places went to prison, and the government pay compensation to Chile for its citizens

All the lakes here - ice. The famous Glacier Grey

Very beautiful views

Here is the camping area. Rental space costs about 5 $
Tents with sleeping bags can also be rented. It turns out about 40 $

I walked half of the park. Usually people are stuck for 7-10 days.
The park met fellow countryman - Dmitry. Travel to South America for a year, moved hitchhiking. Park was for 7 days. I ate honey and avocado.
And here is the most picturesque lake in the Park - Pehoe.

The path to it is not close, but not so far

3 times a day goes such a catamaran. This is the closest way for people who want to return to civilization.

View from the boat. Of course, not like in the magazines, but still beautiful.
Beat Google in the picture - Torres del Paine and see how beautiful it

What else do ...

Bus hurry to pick boaters

The next goal - the city of Punta Arenas. So, we return back to Ushuaia. It was so convenient to get to.
Bus Punta Arenas - Ushuaia rides about 12 hours. The plane flies through Santyago or Buenos Aires, because these cities are located in different countries.

The city is located next to the Strait of Magellan. Yes, the same.
The city seemed even harsher Ushuaia

This pattern in nearly 99% of Chilean cities. Single-storey colored houses.
In general it is quickly bored. The city is very strong wind blowing

The most famous tourist sites of the city - the island of Maddalena.
For $ 50 you driven to 2:00 and 2 hours back to stay on this island an hour. Who will understand what

Even more clearly

The first tourists had already left for a walk

Important guests feel themselves masters.
Penguins can not touch. Distance to the birds - 1 meter.
I do not know what to do with offenders, but in Chile somehow all tough and did not want to break

They are everywhere

Strait of Magellan on the horizon


Next path led to Uruguay, but it's a different country and a romance, as here, in the south, is not there. Uruguay - rather bastion of civilization in South America.



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